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Moving during Holiday Season

The holiday season itself can be a very stressful time of the year. Organizing parties, taking your kids to Christmas attractions, decorating your home, baking gingerbread cookies and your family’s favorite cakes, and the list goes on and on… And sometimes you just have to add one more (huge) thing to your list: moving.

December is a good time to move because kids are on vacation and you probably have some days off too to invest on packing, transport, and unpacking. However, it can be a lot of extra stress when adding it up to the whole holiday season routine, and you have to learn how to deal with it.

If you are moving this December (or any other December) and you want to enjoy Christmas too, then here are some tips on how to deal with the whole situation:

  • The first thing you have to do is face the fact that you’ll need extra help. Either if it’s a local or long distance move, you’ll have to contact professional movers to relieve some of your stress and end the process as quickly as possible. Sureway Moving offers packing, transporting, and unpacking services. We also provide the packing supplies (boxes, tape, wrapping paper, etc.) and take care of your extra boxes in our state-of-the-art storage.
  • If you’re moving right before Christmas, then you’ll have to take special consideration for all the stuff you’ll need during the holidays. For example, pack all the ornaments you’ll place in your new home in a separate box labeled as “Christmas Stuff”. Also, if you’ve already bought some presents, then keep them separate from the rest of the things you’re packing, along with wrapping materials.
  • We know moving is very stressful, but that shouldn’t interfere with your Christmas spirit. That’s why Sureway Moving recommends you to listen to holiday music while packing. If you have young kids, then you can make them watch a Christmas movie while you’re busy packing. This will distract them and get them in line with the Christmas spirit.
  • Young children deserve to experience the whole holiday season without having to worry about mommy’s or daddy’s responsibilities. That’s why we recommend you to pack a box with some Christmas coloring books, puzzles, or any other items concerning the holiday for them separately. This will also distract them while you’re busy packing.
  • Lay back and take a moment to relax once or twice a day. Watch a holiday film, bake cookies, visit a neighbor, or just spend some quality time with your family for a while.

However, your move can be a lot easier if you do it with Sureway Moving. Just enjoy the whole holiday season without having to worry about packing, transporting, or even unpacking. By hiring Sureway Moving we’ll cover it all up, you’ll just have to tell us where to move your belongings to! Enjoy your family at the most wonderful time of the year!