Stress-free Moving for Small Kids

SureWayMovingIn America it’s a very common thing to move from one home to another and, most of the times, families even have to leave the state they live in. The reasons are many; work is the most common one. If you’re a single person, moving could be not as traumatic as when having little kids at home. Kids are a very important aspect to take into consideration when moving. We have to think of their education, recreational areas, and their happiness. So, moving with kids can also bring an extra pinch of stress to our lives.

Here are some tips on how to have a stress-free move when you have small kids at home:

  • Tell your kids what to expect: Explain to them what “moving” implies, you can help yourself reading them some age-appropriate books.
  • Let them help you pack: Kids are all about copying their parents, if they see you packing they’ll want to help you: Give them some chores around the house, like packing their most important toys.
  • Have a goodbye party: Give your kids the opportunity to say goodbye to the people that meant the most for them in their old hometown.
  • Don’t rush: Give yourself time to plan the whole moving process. Avoid feeling stress about moving, kids can sense their parents’ feelings.
  • Pack a special bag: Especially when traveling a long distance from your old home to your new one, you’ll want your kid to be entertained. Make a special bag with toys and some snacks that will make them feel less bored.
  • Keep family routines: Obviously, some things will change in your new home, but keep the most important ones with your kids to make them feel like home since day 1.

Have a stress-free move yourself and help your kids have one too! Make the whole moving process as exciting as it can be, you’ll notice how quick your kids will adapt to their new home!

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