Moving Fragile Objects

When packing and moving, fragile items are always a main concern. Having them completely protected from breaking or damaging is always a big challenge. Which materials are better? Which is the appropriate technique? Which objects shouldn’t be taken in boxes? All these questions always come to mind when dealing with your delicate possessions. This is why we give you a list of tips for packing fragile things:

  • Take your time: rushing while packing fragile objects will just end up in breaking them before you even finish packing. Dedicate some time to those breakable objects and start packing them a couple of weeks before moving.
  • Get the appropriate types of supplies: use packing materials that can withstand being moved by car, hand, or truck and that will protect your things from bumps, shocks, and vibrations. Use: moving boxes, packing peanuts, heavy grade paper, corrugated fiberboard, bubble wrap, and the original package of the item.
  • Choose the appropriate technique for each kind of object: not all fragile things can be packed the same way, some need different techniques. For example, you should cover a plate with a piece of packing paper, while glasses need a crumpled tissue inside each glass. Get professional assessment for more valuable objects such as: works of art, wine collections, electronics, and precious collections. Sureway Moving can help you with the packing of those.
  • Clearly mark moving boxes as FRAGILE, so you and your movers know exactly which boxes need extra care.
  • Communication avoids disasters: tell your movers you have fragile objects that should be specially taken care of. Also tell them which objects are in each box, they’ll know where and how to move them.

Even if you do all of this properly, you always have the risk of breaking your precious belongings, especially when it comes to those objects that need a special packing technique. This is why Sureway Moving offers White Glove services, where you’ll receive professional help to pack and move your most delicate objects without having to worry about it.